american television and american lives

Television has brought a social revolution in America. Coffee shops and bars have become cool new places to hang out in every time you go out with friends. Suddenly vampires and werewolves are not evil anymore but gorgeous people to swoon over and loving individuals to fall in love with. Suddenly hospitals are not bleak places for the dead or dying. The world of crime and its detection are being glamorized like nothing before in tv shows. Teenage romance, high school drama, musicals have found huge success and fan following amongst the masses. New acting, singing, directing talents etc are being discovered everyday via these tv shows. Producers are leaving no stone unturned to introduce exciting new shows every now and then and putting in all their efforts for promoting them. The excellent show contents and tremendous PR promotional activities have resulted in these tv shows enjoying huge popularity amongst the masses and producers making huge profits. Even after the global economic meltdown production houses continue too bring out new tv shows and invest in them knowing fully that the viewers will love all that thereby raising the TRP figures and making them a huge success.  
Why are we so attracted to the world inside the television? Some find it a great way to take a break from everyday reality and travel into the world and live the life that they have always wanted to but somehow couldn’t make it happen. Some watch it just for the love of the shows and its characters who make them laugh, cry and feel good. Some love admiring the handsome men and the gorgeous women, their clothes, shoes, celebrity lifestyles et all. Some love the powerhouse performances delivered by their favorite actors, singers etc.  
Whatever be the reason, people cannot deny that television plays an important role in their lives, helping them to relax, gather knowledge, kill the boredom and spend time in a fun way. Television throws light on different issues in the form of entertainment, help to shape their opinions and often changing the way they think and feel. This particular impact might be good or bad but there is no point denying that it happens for real.  

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